• Suzie

Week 14 - Bogota Re-visited, the loop is complete!

Updated: Feb 23, 2020


We headed North on a three day back-road trip to Bogota, which was filled with great views, hostels with swimming pools, lots of animals and some yummy food. We then had a great, long-weekend stay with my step-sister's friend Rory in the North of Bogota and got to have a great cup of English Breakfast tea, spaghetti bolognese and peanut butter!

Beautiful river scenery

Melgar and Cumaca

More amazing views!

The trip away from Tatacoa took us on lots of nice back roads as well as lots of nice twisty tarmac roads towards the end. We were met with loads of cows, goats, sheep and sand...my favourite...NOT. Sand and mud I still struggle with. That day, even Kelvin did as he ended up on his side with his ankle pinned after