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Life is an Adventure

So get out there and liveit.


You never know you may love it, and just remember, at the end of the day it’s better to regret something you’ve done than something you haven’t.

Suzie and Kelvin aa at a waterfall in Peru - RukkaMotorsport

Welcome to AvVida.


We are Suzie and Kelvin from the U.K.

We're passionate about adventure motorcycle travel, and back in April 2017 we took a leap of faith and pursued our dream of long term travel. Our goal is to travel in slow time all around the world in our lifetimes. We have been meandering around South America for a couple of years on two 1996 Suzuki DR650’s, but we will have to return home for periods to work and save to boost the travel funds, however this is something that we will work towards changing in the future.


We love the road less travelled, and therefore we always seek out the back roads, dirt roads and small towns and villages, which always adds to the adventure. We have a huge thirst for life, culture, nature and beautiful scenery, and South America has all of this in abundance. We also travel with our companion ‘Cyril the Sloth’ who is an important part of our travels, with many people greeting him first. Fortunately, being a stuffed toy, he doesn’t require any paperwork, but we bring him alive through our travels.


So, why have we called ourselves 'AvVida'?

It basically stands for Aventura Vida (Adventure life) which is taken from our tag line ‘Life is an adventure : La vida es uni Aventura’. We liked the Spanish and it was also the primary language of the countries we’d be visiting on our first long-term adventure in South America, so it seemed to fit…plus so many of the other good names were taken! 

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We hope this website will be interesting  and informative for our friends and family, that it will provide a source of fond memories for ourselves and hopefully provide newbees, seasoned travellers and dreamers with some useful information and inspiration for their own adventures. 

Happy travels! on top of the world - #RukkaMotorsport - Cyril the Sloth in Peru
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