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Fellow DR650 Travellers

There are a few fellow travellers who have chosen the DR650 as their mode of travel. We found a number of their websites useful and decided to post them here as a number of others have done. Hopefully you will also find them useful. It would be fantastic if we could catch up with some of these fellow travellers.

Please let us know if you are one of them or know of one who is missing in the list.

To view the the people we have met on our travels so far please visit our People page.

Globetrotting the world on motorcycles

Let us introduce ourselves, we are Michnus and Elsebie, our passions are motorcycle overland travel, amateurish photography, drinking beer and hit up friendships with quirky people.


To fill you in, our home is in East London, South Africa but our hearts are in discovering the joys and mysteries of the world. With a combined age of 90 we decided now was the time to travel, on top of that we decided to leave immediately in order to make it to the other-side without too many aches and pains.


Why do we do it? Our odyssey is not to set records, or a quick passing through to get the passport stamp. Our travels have no expiry, it’s our way of life.

We travel slow and continuously because we are curious about the world, have a passionate craving for distant places, we love adventure enduro, to explore, love to meet interesting people & cultures that will challenge our own beliefs and views. But most importantly experience and see the amazing places on this small globe we live.


Best of all:



We are two totally different people.  From our childhood, to our current status.  Our lives couldn't be any more opposite from each other. Well, almost.

We have two commonalities, our love for motorcycles and our passion for adventure.  What more could two people need in order to create a partnership that will take them around the world?

Together we will leave Long Island on our Epic Ride!  We will be traveling Westward across the US into British Columbia.  Changing direction, setting our sites Southward to the Baja Peninsula, Central & South America, catching a freighter to Australia.  After we tour Australia, we will be making our way through the Far East, Eastern Europe, Europe, Northern Africa and across the Strait of Gibraltar.  The last country we will be visiting is Portugal.  Portugal has a special place in my heart, as it is where my family is from and where I spent most of my childhood.  It's history, people and beauty have shaped the woman I am today.

It is never too late to take hold of your dreams.

Its never too late to LIVE!

We are a geologist and mining engineer by profession but world travelling, adventure seeking nomads by nature. After years spent happily ensconced in the bosom of the Australian mining industry we have decided it was time to live the dream and travel a large portion of the globe on the back of our trusty Suzuki DR650s….

A useful site, and they are full of useful info, to date we've not managed to meet up; however they have helped us out on more than one occasion.

Following the accident, the closing of the business, my father dying of cancer, a marriage in tatters and personal wealth rapidly disappearing, I had a stress – related stroke at age 44 and went blind.

Luckily, it was temporary, and I eventually regained my eyesight.

It gave me a new lease on life.

In a fluke conversation with a friend, she made a comment: “what you need is to go on a long motorcycle ride to clear your head!” She had no idea what impact that statement would have on me. I’m sure she was thinking of an afternoon out, or something along those lines. To me, it was an inspirational statement and what I think I needed to hear.

A few weeks later I left on that ride. It was March 18th, 2011.

I am still on the road.

This website is about that ride…

A useful site, covering a whole host of bikes as well as the good old DR, along with some great pics. Not managed to meet up as yet; however they have helped is out a few times.

Live Inspired | Ride Far

Useful site for a whole host of info.

Travel the “long way round” on our bikes for five months, starting May 2013

7 continents, 2 motorcycles, 1 big adventure

Two people, two Suzuki DR650 motorcycles and the spirt of a chihuahua named Ducati are currently traveling around the world

A useful site which we've used quite a few times.

Short on legs, short on hair and short on cash, Riding around the works the Short Way Round

A useful site, and the very bike that inspired me to look at the DR for our travels.

A couple in their twenties from Switzerland, who are riding around the World on our two DRs.

Two Wheeled Journey Through the Americas

Australia to Iceland by Motorcycle.

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None english sites - use Google translate for your desired language.

Traveling the world is exciting. Sometimes dangerous, sometimes touching, sometimes exhausting, sometimes relaxing, but always fantastic and adventurous. So you will not miss anything of our adventure, you'll find our blog entries in chronological order so that you can participate in everything.

The blog we set up to show family and friends, where we are so, whom we meet and how it is for us to be where we are right now.

We have planned an itinerary that takes us from Bremen overland to Southeast Asia, from April 2015 to April 2016. As of transportation was clear: motorcycle, just as it did on our previous trip on the Panamericana . But just this time on two motorcycles.

Jutta & Janni 

Here you will find reports of our previous motorbike trips, our accumulated experience regarding luggage storage, camping equipment, outdoor kitchen as well as information about us and our mopeds.

World trip with the motorbike - Motorcycle Worldtour 
1995 - 2000 

Through 56 countries and five continents; 111,000km on Suzuki DR 650 


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