• Suzie

Week 2 - Bogota, Suesca and Villa de Leyva

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

We spent a little longer than anticipated in Bogota due to the parcel issue, however in the end I managed to get it without getting too grumpy with the DHL man...6 taxi rides later and it was sorted. Phew!

Walking tour in Bogota

With our additional time we went on a 'free walking tour' of Bogota, which was excellent. They do ask for a donation, but it was well worth it. Logan, the American guy who was at Hostal Pintos also joined us on the tour which was nice. It was really interesting and it taught us about some of the history of how Colombia came to be and the issues that it has had including the two left-wing guerrilla armies - the FARC and the ELN, who apparently over the last decade or two have fought more about drugs than politics and the re-distribution of wealth. There has now been a peace deal signed by the FARC and they are slowly disarming (apparently), however there's about a thousand of them who have not signed.

One thing that we didn't realise is that Colombia is by far the largest source of emeralds in the world, and there's a lot of emerald dealing that goes on in one of the squares we stopped at (not recommended for novices though).