• Suzie

Week 5, Part 1 - Uribia and Cabo de la Vela

Desert Adventures!

Our last day in Uribia was productive as we managed to find a bike shop with some really helpful chaps. Unfortunately we slept badly due to loud air con and the flock of birds nested above our room, but the sun and wall of heat as we emerged from the hostel soon woke us up. We trundled off, hugging the side of the road that was shaded from the sun, and found an aladdin's cave of bike goodies. In fact, we found two shops that were well stocked in Uribia. We stocked up on some engine oil for the bike, just for top-ups (we will do an oil change in about 1700 miles time), some thin 'Fox' off-road gloves for Kelvin as his gloves were far too hot, a bolt for my exhaust (first lost bolt of the trip...there will be more), ISO 68 hydraulic oil for our chain oilers and high temperature silicone. Naturally, they wanted to show us all of the other things they had that would be really useful for us but we politely declined. After we left the shop, one of the chaps that served us went past on a cycle-taxi (rickshaw) with his son. They waved and gave us two beaming smiles. All the rickshaw drivers wear removable sleeves due to the intensity of the sun.

We made a plan to depart for Cabo de la Vela the next day, looked at the map and decided on a route. We also read a lot of the advice on iOverlander about the various routes for any issues. The two main things were weather, and children holding string barriers asking for money and sweets. The weather looked like it would be hot, hot, hot with no rain, the latter issue is something we would just have to 'wait and see'.

Bikes safe, beautiful surroundings, nice one!