• Suzie

Week 21 & 22 - Macoa, Pasto and Las Lajas

Trampolin del Diablo. Photo by Michnus Olivier.


With only about two weeks left on the visa's we headed further South to Macoa which had unfortunately been hit hard by an avalanche in April 2017. We stayed in Macoa so we could hit the road earlier morning to cross the death road 'Trampolin Del Diablo' West to Pasto, have yet more work done on my bike, get a few supplies before heading South towards the border via the famous Gothic church, Las Lajas. Then, it was time to leave Colombia.

Macoa and the 'death' road, Trampolin Del Diablo

There was just over 2 weeks until our Colombian visa's expired. Kelvin and I along with Michnus and Elsebie headed to Macoa, which was about 150km away and the last town before the renowned 'Trampolin de Diablo' route, known as one of Colombia's 'death' roads. Before we headed out I topped the oil up once again and the bike needed a jump start but it was ok after that. Sadly, my top of the range lithium ion battery that was only six months old appeared to be failing. Personally, if we were to do it all again we would not have used these batteries, I would not recommend the lithium ion batteries. At home, I would give them a try again.