• Suzie

Week 24 - Ecuadorean Amazon

We left the 'love' motel and headed Eastwards towards the Amazon region. This time we managed to stay on the right path and it was one of the best rides so far. It was a nice easy dirt road most of the way, we were surrounded by forest and there were so many waterfalls on route we gave up counting. It was truly amazing and we felt so lucky to be there.

Amazon dirt road. Photo by Michnus Olivier.

We found our destination, a small village called Limoncocha, just as it started to rain. Within about five minutes, we managed to find the only accommodation in town, although it was currently under renovation and then the skies really opened and dropped their contents, and we were glad to be under shelter. We all just watched the rain come down, the kids came out to play in the rain, mainly in the puddles. It´s amazing how kids here find so much entertainment from anything and everything! We moved the bikes down the long path to the little parking space just before the Cabanas. From the cabanas we could see Limoncocha lake, which apparently has a yellow tinge close up hence 'limon'.

A slippy path to the parking spot. Photo by Michnus Olivier.