• Suzie

Week 32 & 33 - Heading to the Pacific

We got up and rode out of Pelileo with Steve, following the PanAm highway to Riobamba. We then had to say our farewell's as Steve (motorcycle.diarrheas) needed to head South and we were heading to the coast. It had been an absolute pleasure riding for the last week with Steve.

We head westwards, again taking in the sights of Chimborazo as we went and with a route of mainly tarmac, but great scenery we ended up in the town of Guaranda, where we had been previously. We found a place to stay on good old iOverlander called Hostal Marquez. The guy was super friendly and gave us a room which had a view of the volcano Chimborazo...or at least should have had if it wasn't cloudy the whole time we were there. Luckily we had seen it several times on our travels so we weren't too upset.

The next day we set off again in the direction of the Pacific coast. We had no idea how far we would get so decided just to wing it. It was a great day and as we lost altitude, the temperature started to increase. We stopped in a little village for a break just outside of