• Suzie

Week 34 & 35 - Puerto Cayo Work Away

We had arranged a 'Work Away' a couple of months previously after we had so many costly issues with my bike which demolished our budget. This Work Away in Puerto Cayo was only one of two Work Aways advertised on the Workaway website in Ecuador which Kelvin and I were both willing to do (fussy buggers), mainly because a lot of the work was looking after rescue dogs and we both love dogs.

We left Jardin Suiza at about 3pm and made it to our workaday destination at Pasatiempo del sur at about 3.01pm! What a journey! We pulled up and were met by Ron, one of the owners. He was really cheerful and it was lovely to meet him. His wife Janet was out with two of the dogs, and the other Work-aways were walking two others on the beach. The one remaining dog, Scooby, was glued to Ron's side. Ron showed us around and took us to our accommodation...it was awesome. A really big, clean apartment with a nice big kitchen! It was one of the rental appartments but they gave it to us because the dogs were used to it, and when Ron and Janet went away, the dogs would be living with us in the appartment for a week. Needless to say, we were very happy with the arrangements.

Our appartment for our Work away

A little while later, Janet returned with two of the dogs, Benny and Bobby...the boys of the house. Janet was really upbeat and enthusiastic, which we liked. She warned us that Bobby was a little anxious around new people so barked and growled a lot. She got him on his lead with his soft textile muzzle and took him for a brisk walk. She asked us to come out one by one and walk with them a little so he could smell us and not be afraid. It worked well, Bobby was great. Four out of five of Ron and Janet's dogs were rescue dogs, all with different stories. It was sad, but happy because they now all had a great home. We then met Carly and Mickey who had be