• Suzie

Week 36 - Ecuador Finale!

We left Puerto Cayo by 10am and said goodbye to Ron and Janet, and all of the dogs we'd looked after for the past two and a bit weeks. If we'd been staying put we would have adopted Bobby, but the travel must continue.

Gorgeous Bobby. Photo by Suzie Bostock.

We were a little sad to leave, although not having to get up at 7am would be nice. We fuelled up and rode out of Puerto Cayo, heading West to a town called Jipijapa (or hippy happa when you pronounce it, which we thought was quite a cool name). Our mission for the day was to get past Guyaquil, and we had no intention of stopping in the city as we'd been told it was quite an industrial city and not really the nicest place to be. We will never know for sure, but skipping a big city is always a bonus!

The weather was good and the scenery was beautiful, especially for the latter part of the journey. We made really good progress and nearly made it all the way to Cuenca, however it was cold and the light was starting to fade so we pulled up at a hotel about 20km outside Cuenca. Sadly they wanted $120 for a room, which was crazy, but they advised us there was another little place a km down the road. We headed there and negotiated a room for under $20 for the night. It was a small place and the accommodation was set back and up high off the road, above their little restaurant. We got to the room and changed into some warm clothes for the first time in quite a while, then headed down to the cozy little restaurant to have a bite to eat. On our return to the room it was super cold. We tried to light a fire in the little log burner but the wood they had given us was damp, so it was a big fat fail. I got under the covers in my merino bottoms, top and down jacket with the hood up! I didn't warm up for ages.

An amazing view above the clouds on route to Cuenca. Photo by Suzie Bostock.