• Suzie

Week 37 & 38 - Peru for Christmas!

After 50km of dirt road, we reached the Ecuador - Peru border at La Balsa. I have to say, it was a very chilled place and my border crossing anxieties diminished almost immediately. There was no one else there waiting to cross, so it took all of about five minutes for all four of us (Michnus & Elsebie and Kelvin and I) to check out of Ecuador, plus bikes, and then cross the bridge to the Peru side.

We had to wait for the guy to come and lift the barrier on the Ecuador side but it wasn't long and off we went. We parked up next to the barrier on the Peru side and got off the bikes. A guy came over from one of the restaurants, who we worked out was the SUNAT guy...Peru's department that deals with vehicles. He apologised and explained he wouldn't be long, then showed us to the immigration office just around the corner. The immigration's officer was a quiet chap, on the older side of fifty I think and happily watching TV.

At the La Balsa Border in no mans land between Ecuador and Peru...chilled as. Photo by Michnus Olivier.

We smiled and tried to make small talk in basic Spanish. It paid off because he gave us all 180 days in our passports! Wahey!! By the time we finished, we walked back around to the other guy's office to get our TIP's (Temporary Import Permit). This took a little longer, but in the grand scheme of things it was super quick, and the chap was super friendly and interested in our travels. Again, we were all granted 180 days on our TIP's. Result!!!