• Suzie

Week 39 - Chasing the Dakar!

We left Pedro Ruiz and set off Southwards towards Cajamarca with Michnus, Elsebie, Liwia and Sebastian. The road was immense...not in size but in stunning views. It was tarmac but very beautiful, with very narrow sections in places, tonnes of switchbacks and the weather was lovely.

Quick stop roadside with Michnus, Elsebie, Liwia and Sebastian. Photo by Liwia.

Sadly, we didn't have all day to stop and take photos however we did stop for a good few as it was just breathtaking. We saw some other riders on route on big KTM's and BMW's. At one point Kelvin had to put his bike in a ditch to avoid an oncoming lorry that didn't want to stop for him. It was either the ditch or the cliff edge so I think he chose wisely.

Kelvin stuck in the ditch and Liwia going to see what the problem is.