• Suzie

Week 40 & 41 - From Coast to Cusco

Dakar gang - Picture by Michnus Olivier

Today was Stage 5 of the Dakar, however we were not going to follow it any longer, especially as stage 5 finished about another 400km South and we were all shattered after all of the desert heat, sun, sand and lack of sleep...I'd never make it as a Dakar rider! We got up in slow time and made some coffee and boiled eggs with the Saffers and Aussies. No-one was in much of a rush which was nice. After a couple of photos we all said our goodbye's, however Michnus and Elsebie stayed with us.

Coast line - Picture by Suzie Bostock

We all headed to the coast, picking up another Peruvian motorcyclist on route, and we saw loads of seals and birds lounging around on the rocks. It was an amazing coast line except for all the rubbish on the way. It was so dramatic, especially as we ventured further down. There was meant to be penguins on the coast but we didn't get to see any unfortunately. If we had been more awake we may have camped on the coastline because it was such an amazing spot, but I in particular was just so tired after all of the music until 3am the night before the only thing I wanted was a proper bed and a lay-in.