• Suzie

Week 42 & 43 - Urubamba and Beyond

We left Cusco, well after the owners of Los Condores Apart Hotel took a couple of photos of us departing on our bikes we were off again. The planned route was going to be quite short as we only wanted to get to Urubamba, but the scenery was quite beautiful being in close proximity of the sacred valley.

We got to the winding road that snaked down into Urubamba, and with little issue we managed to find our hostal, where we met a Malaysian woman called Vinee, who was lovely. Unfortunately, the woman who owned the property attached to the hostal did not want us to park our bikes in her courtyard and made things very difficult. Luckily the owner (Hanna) also had another hostal on the other side of town, so quickly she and Vinee sorted us out and showed us the way the the other accommodation...them in a TukTuk and us following on our bikes, although the tuktuk driver was a little erratic, which made things interesting! We got there in one piece. There was a gated entrance where the bikes would be safe and sound. Happy days. The place was quiet, cosy and had a beautiful garden so it suited us well. We also met Pedro who was Portugeese and the boyfriend of Vinee, who was also very nice and we chatted to them both quite a bit.

We also met an Australian couple at the hostal called Ben and Megs, with their 1 year old 'Buster'. What a cool name! I take my hat off to them travelling on buses with a 1 year old. It would be challenge enough in a van let alone without your own transport and I think they found it a little restrictive, but they were doing it. One of the evening's, Ben joined us while we were having some rum and updating our web stuff, and between the three of us the rum went down rather too swiftly! It was a nice evening though and we talked a lot about life and travel, which is always interesting.

The awesome indoor market in Urubamba.

A great thing about Urubamba was it's huge indoor market full of fruit and vegetables in the middle. The meat sections never thrill me as there's always too many flies, but the fruit and veg looked amazing. Also, like many other markets you could buy pastas, grains and pulses by the 100g. We got a selection of produce and then returned to our little sanctuary.