• Suzie

Week 45 to 49 - Lima Part 1

We got to Lima at 6.30am and beat the traffic. Woohoo! Coming into Lima from the South is definitely way better than coming in from the North. My bike was sounding ok-ish but I wasn't happy with it, and I had that gut instinct that shit was about to hit the fan. My positivity about my bike was seriously waning. Anyway, we pulled up at the Hitchhikers hostel, a well-known place among overland travellers and we discovered why...super secure parking and a very chilled vibe at affordable prices in one of the most desirable areas of Lima. Ca-ching! Also being allowed to check in at 6.30am without paying any extra was a pleasant surprise, and we were greeted by the smiley Nataly on reception. Even better, we managed to get a large room where we could park the bikes right outside, and the showers were hot. Simple things! It would be our new home for the next eight days.

Nataly, the very smiley Hitchhikers hostal receptionist

After getting ourselves sorted we went to find some much-needed food then returned to the hostel and met a fellow overland motorcyclist from London called Bryan. Not too much later we then bumped into Phillipe who was travelling in a 4x4 rather than his DR650 when we last met up with him. We all had a good chat, had an awesome lunch for about £3 and in the evening went to the local 'Vivanda' supermartet (totally awesome place a bit like Waitrose but cheaper) to buy some snacks and fresh cake...Mmmm mmm!

Kelvin and I with Paddington Bear in Darkest Peru!