• Suzie

Week 59 & 60 - Huaraz to Cusco via the Sierra's

Jael, Kelvin and I with our overland buddy (sorry crap at names) - AvVida.co.uk

In the morning we got onto another Cruz Del Sur bus for the last leg of our non-biking journey back to Huaraz. It was actually quite comfortable and this time we were armed with motion sickness tablets! We didn’t reach Huaraz until early evening so we rested and sorted stuff out before going to meet Helber the mechanic the next day and take him my bike key...I had stupidly forgotten to give it to him before we left. Doh! The bike seemed to be great, and the new oil pump was all fitted and off we went. Back at the hostel we repacked everything before meeting up with Jael for a drink in the evening. We also bumped into a fellow DR650 rider in the square by the place we wanted to eat, and after a quick chat we invited him to join us for a drink as well. It was quite amusing as Jael was really intrigued by his beard! I’m useless at names and for the life of me I can’t remember it, but it was nice to meet him.

Kelvin and the stunning mountains of the Cordelliera Blanca - AvVida.co.uk