• Suzie

Week 50 to 52 - Lima Part 2!

Just before we left our AirBnB, we were invited on a day ride-out with Peter Documet, the owner of Documoto. It would also be a great way to test-ride my bike before departing Lima, plus it meant riding without any luggage...excellent!

On the sunday morning we met Peter at 6am, and rode to a petrol station on the way out of Lima. Luckily, being early Sunday morning, and heading East, the traffic was really quiet. There we met Peter's daughter Ale, Lucho and Manuel. Those who needed fuel fulled up, and we also got some snacks to fuel ourselves up. We'd also taken a 'Soroche pill', which was meant to alleviate altitude sickness, as we'd be heading up to over 4000m straight from sea level!

Peter and Ale on their bikes on the way to Nevada del Rajuntay

Kelvin splattered with mud at a beautiful lake on route to Nevada Rajuntay - #RukkaMotorsport