• Suzie

Week 65 - Lakeside Chilling in Bolivia

We left Puno late in the morning as we'd decided we'd take it easy and get to the border after lunch. It was actually quite busy with people milling around, but fortunately the actual Migracion and Aduana offices were quite quiet. Maybe the locals don't bother with formalities?! We also met a group of three Argentinian lads who were doing a trip on their 125cc bikes with back packs tied on for luggage. They were just ahead of us which slowed down our crossing but it was no bother. I went to get our money changed, bought some snacks and chatted to the Argentinian guys a little. They were planning on a maximum of 5 days in Bolivia before crossing into Argentina.

The Argentinian's bikes and our bikes at the Copacabana border.

With all of our paperwork in hand, a new 180 days TIP on the bikes and 30 days in our passports, we set off back to La Case del Sol. We were greeted with a big smile and shown to our room, which was actually a little bit nicer than the last one we'd been in. We quickly made ourselves at home and made a fuss of the two dogs. Luna had grown a little since the last time we saw her but was still a complete lunatic.