• Suzie

Week 71 - Cochabamba & Samaipata

We said goodbye to our lovely Air BnB hosts, Hernan and his wife, plus a quick cuddle with their dog Wanda who we’d seen daily during our stay, and then it was back on the road.

Kelvin and Wanda playing - AvVida.co.uk

We headed out of La Paz on the main road as to avoid the crazy, steep smaller roads up into El Alto. The one thing that was different to our entry to La Paz was that this time it wasn’t Sunday morning, it was a weekday morning, so there was much more traffic, although nothing compared to Lima! Luckily the weather was a lot better with blue skies, so it was much warmer much to our relief. The sea of Collective buses in El Alto was crazy, there were so many but we navigated our way through slowly and safely.

The road out of La Paz south was not overly exciting and we reached the junction to head East. We decided that we’d call it a day as making it all the way to Cochabamba in one day wasn’t overly necessary, however in hindsight maybe we’d have been better off. We stopped at a small hospedaje which was cheap but didn’t have much to it. They did have secure parking and clean rooms so we were happy, but no shower and the one toilet was a bit rank. Oh well. There were road works outside and we soon realised a little later that the big machine made the whole place shake and once it started it kept going for hours. The windows were rattling and it didn’t help us sleep. The roadworks finished late and started super early. Apparently there was an earthquake around 4am but we didn’t know as we’d got so used to the shaking from the roadworks and they started so early, we didn’t feel it.