• Suzie

Week 73 - Uyuni & The Salt Flats

The road to Potosi was all tar, but fortunately full of lovely curves. It was only a couple of hours to get from Sucre into Potosi and thankfully the place we would be staying was on the Northern side, which we’d also be leaving from in a couple of days. I say thankfully because Potosi is filled with narrow, one-way streets and lots of traffic, so there’s not a lot of opportunity to filter and it’s slow going.

Jack in his Superman suit we gave him - AvVida.co.uk

We arrived at the AirBnB where Kirsi had reserved us the last available room. It was great to see her and Jack again plus in Sucre we’d found a Superman (superdog) outfit the perfect size for Jack so we’d got it for him as a present. We couldn’t wait to give it to them. On arriving we realised the parking situation would be a bit more challenging than any of us had realised. It’s quite time consuming to get the panniers on and off, so we were hesitant to do so and the room for the bikes was on a high curb through a single doorway on a slope with a 90 degree turn. With a lot of effort and four of us heaving we managed to get both bikes in, just! They definitely wouldn’t be coming out again until we left!