• Suzie

Week 74 - The Lagunas Route

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

The morning of our Lagunas Route adventures had arrived and we headed off to get some bottled water from a local shop before rocking up at the place where the guys said they would buy us fuel at 10am. In theory this had been a good plan, normally we'd just go to the fuel station and pay whatever price, however we needed such a lot of fuel between us that the thought of saving a good chunk of cash was nice. Unfortunately the guy that was going to get us the fuel wasn't there but a local tour truck pulled up and went to go and fill our jerry cans for us which was nice. We then set off South towards the famous Lagunas Route.

A Llama having a bath in the river near Villa del Mar - AvVida.co.uk

We topped up our tanks at San Cristobal before turning off the road just after Villa Alota. To begin with the road was ok, however it quickly turned to sand as we headed down to Villa Mar. I struggled a little in some places where the sand suddenly became deeper and on one occasion I ended up going down. Unfortunately it was right next to a solid bank and as I fell I hit my head hard on the side. My brain shook and my ear piece dug into my ear and the side of my head. I think that I may of had a concussion for the first time in my life and for the rest of the evening my head was pounding.

Lagunas Routh roads North East - AvVida.co.uk