• Suzie

Week 76 to 81 - Sucre Shenannigans!

Yes, ANOTHER long city stay due to my bike issues! We do try to avoid big cities and if not, just spend 2 days or so, however the unrelenting mechanical issues with my bike had caused us to end up in many big cities on this adventure, and for way longer than expected. We had two key purposes for returning to Sucre; a highly recommended mechanic and extending our visa's which were coming to an end, and we'd definitely need longer to get the bike sorted. Obviously thrown in with that would be lots of other stuff to, like meeting new people, people watching in the square and drinking beer!

Lady sweeping the plaza with a large leafy tree branch - AvVida.co.uk

lady selling seeds to feed the birds in Sucre Plaza - AvVida.co.uk

We returned to good old Wasi Masi hostel. We had a couple of days until we needed to get the ball rolling with the visa extension, and we were going to see Niky from MotoCar about the bike issue, but then we had to wait for the parts. We’d mana