• Suzie

Week 82 - 4x4 Road Trip

We made our way to Rox and Frank’s apartment in Sucre and awaited our driver Jose to take us to Potosi in Rox’s new Great Wall Haval H5. The purpose of the trip was for us to get some nice video and drone footage of the car and the landscapes to make a new video for her tour company, so we’d got everything charged up and ready to go. Also, Rox had arranged all of the accommodation and didn’t want anything from us which was super nice of her. Apparently they would all be nice places to, which would make a big change to our normal travels.

It wasn’t long before our driver arrived and we were on our way to Potosi. Rox would join us later as she had work to do, so it was Frank, Kelvin and I, which was nice as I didn’t have to have the middle seat. Yey!

Sleeping dog in Bolivia - AvVida.co.uk

We arrived in Potosi near to Hostal Santa Monica, which was down a pedestrian alley. The traffic was completely crazy, and it was rush hour in the city, so with it’s one-way, single-lane system it was a bit slow going. Jose parked up and went to find the best way to the hostel and after a bit of searching drove us as close as we could get. He dropped us off and we walked along to the hostel and then checked in. It definitely didn’t feel like a hostel, it felt much more like a nice hotel and was way nicer than our usual accommodations. The room we were given was massive with a huge bed, huge bathroom and just a really lovely atmosphere.