• Suzie

Week 87 - Exploring Around Ruta 40

Leaving early, we headed South on the Ruta 40, but turned off after a while on to the RP307 towards Tafi de Valle. The route was stunning and really lush green. Unfortunately, due to the heat, my bike fan was going like crazy and it was running the battery down, so when we stopped for fuel I couldn't get the bike started again. After a bit of a jump start, it sprang back in to life and we made sure we turned the fan off. Problem solved!

Having a little break and motorbike cooling off - AvVida.co.uk
Having a little break and bike cooling off

We followed our route and turned off on to a dirt road (the RN65), where we found a campsite called Samay Cochuna. We were the only people there so had the choice of camping and BBQ spots, surrounded by forestry, and a resident horse came to say hello. They also had showers, and although not the most welcoming we had warm water. We'd been advised to give an hour's notice of showering so that they could get the water heated, which was really lovely of them. Some places don't bother if there's only two people, so we were very thankful...I hate cold showers. I went first, unfortunately Kelvin had a spider try to attack him in the shower, or at least frighten him, so his shower was also relatively brief!

Camping set up at Samay Cochuna - AvVida.co.uk
Camping set up at Samay Cochuna