• Suzie

Week 72 - Ruta Del Che & Sucre

The route from Samaipata was beautiful and the dirt road was good fun, the kind of road I really enjoyed in that it was a bit challenging in a few places but not too much! The road wound its way through the hills and we didn’t meet any traffic at all. Finally we got to our first destination, La Pajcha waterfall in the heart of the forest. We found an unofficial campsite with some fire pits and bins, but no-one around. We stopped the bikes and went to look at the waterfall which was really beautiful and quite tall, coming over the top of the rocks into a huge pool. I had all good intentions of going for a swim, but those intentions quickly dissolved once I felt the temperature of the water. I could barely face putting my feet in it let alone my whole body, although Kelvin did have a wash in it!

Camping La Pacha Waterfall, Bolivia - AvVida.co.uk

La Pacha Waterfall, Bolivia - AvVida.co.uk