• Suzie

Week 97 - Rain, Wind and Wild Camping!

We left Punta Arenas in the dry but unfortunately, after only a short distance there was heavy rain plus it was super windy, and this was going to be the case for the next few days it seemed. We even saw a huge lorry that had been blown over on to its side. Normally, we'd have stayed put (the beauty of slow travel) however the B&B we were staying at was not available for any longer and other options were very expensive an a travel budget, so it was either go back to the free camping and get wet and blown about, or crack on and get wet and blown about. We cracked on. The original loose plan was to go to Torres Del Paine and maybe explore the National Park, however it was so overcast and foggy it really didn't seem worth it. We got to Puerto Natales and got a fuel top-up, and also met another English biker there, so had a quick chat.

Saying goodbye to Monse and Nikita at the AirBnB in Punta Arenas, Chile - AvVida.co.uk
Saying goodbye to Monse and Nikita at the AirBnB in Punta Arenas, Chile

Following on from our short stop we looked at three potential wild camp spots, however the rain and fog was hindering us and the grassy/muddy ground off-road was sodden and slippery. In the end, more due to getting to cold and tiredness, we chose a wild camp on a large gravel area, which looked like a mini quarry that wasn't currently being used (GPS: -51.30661, -72.84120). Sadly, there was no view to speak of as the weather was just so bad. We pitched the tent under tarp, which we'd erected between the two bikes (love a good tarp!), which meant we managed to keep the tent nice and dry, woohoo! I was so cold though, and with the tiredness and a reasonable dose of hunger I just couldn't warm myself up. Kelvin got to work on soup making duties, which went some way to turning my frown upside down, and then we called it an early night. Our sleeping bags were by far the cosiest and warmest places to be right then.