• Suzie

Week 10 & 11 - From Coffee to Cali...and beyond.

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Awesome graffiti in Cali! Photo by Michnus Olivier.

The overview

We left the coffee region...well, for now at least!

We headed on the back roads towards Sevilla, North of Cali, then to a huge lake (Calima) where we actually got the tent out, finally arriving in Cali a couple of days later. We again met up with our friends from South Africa, Michnus and Elsebie, stayed put for a few days in an awesome house close to the city before heading into Cali itself for the weekend. We then rode to Popayan for a week of chill-out, chatting, Netflix and 'work'...oooh, and much rum! Time flew by as usual but it was nice to have a good rest, get some research done for a new blog idea, and cook our own food, so lots of fresh veggies! We even got marmalade and peanut butter! Heaven!

Pijao, Buenavista, Sevilla and Calima Lake

Kelvin on backroads towards Genova