• Suzie

Weeks 12 & 13 - Tierradentro and the Tatacoa Desert

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Road Block on the way to Tierradentro

The Overview

We headed East, did some awesome dirt roads with some spectacular scenery, both fell off because of the mud (yes, Kelvin has now actually fallen off as well), we ended up riding in the dark for the first time and saw some great archaeological sites. After that, we visited Rivera and the popular Tatacoa desert, completing our first spot of wild camping. Read on to find out more.


We left Popayan via Tutoro, Inza and to Tierradentro, a small town just before San Andres, which is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The road started as tarmac until a little while before Inza where there are multiple roadworks and thick mud... my favourite...NOT!

Kelvin came off for the first time this trip in the thick mud when his front and back wheel decided to go in different directions. A lonesome road worker ran over to help and they only just about managed to pick up Kelvin's bike after a couple of attempts as it was (and unfortunately still is) sooooo heavy.