• Suzie

Suzie Says...Got a Hurty Elbow?

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

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Got a hurty elbow? ...and here I'm talking about the outside of the elbow. You may notice it when adjusting your shock pre-load, using the controls on your bike (clutch/front brake), having a pint down the bar or getting down to some self-loving ...the list goes on!

Here’s a quick guide to preventing and treating a hurty elbow or tennis elbow (aka lateral epicondylagia - LE). It is the most common condition that people suffer from related to the elbow. In fact, my partner Kelvin has this condition brought on by a sudden increase in activity, which in his case was prepping our bikes for travel in South America. Doh!

What is the issue? What is the tendon? (Common extensor tendon).

The tendon in question is a pretty important one and is responsible for (with the muscle of course) lifting your wrist up or bending it back, like when holding your phone to text/WhatsApp, or as the name suggests, playing tennis.

The tendon is the tough bit that connects your muscle to your bone.