• Suzie

Week 20 - Salento to San Agustin

Bikes at Brunch!


We went back to Salento and the amazing peanutbutter milkshakes, did an awesome dirt road lined with thousands of wax palms, stayed in the best hotel on the trip so far and visited lots of little Colombian towns. We also ventured back to the Tatacoa desert (because we didn't learn from the lack of sleep the first time) and ended up in the archaeological town of San Augustin. Time in Colombia was running out fast!


The back road to Ibague

On this visit to Salento we stayed in a different hostal to the last two visits, just to mix it up a bit! Michnus, Elsebie, Regina and Bernard with their lovely Dalmatian dog 'Gina' came with us and were able to park their van on the area just outside of the hostel. First stop in Salento...Milkshakes! The place was quieter than normal and we were greeted by the owner of Brunch and had a good long chat. He talked about the area and gave us some tips on where to go, and we told him how much we loved his place. I think in our several visits to Salento we had probably been in Brunch about 10 times! Crazy people!