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Review: Motorcycle Fuel Filters by Guglatech

Please note: we are not sponsered by Guglatech. This review is solely to review a product that is very worthwhile and to help other people that may set off on adventures like ours where the fuel quality may be questionable, or even everyday use, as we have also found that fuel in the UK from premier petrol stations can have sediment in the fuel.

Refuelling in a remote Peruvian village

So, where do you start when looking for a decent fuel filter? There's a lot of different options on the market, and one thing we were going to replace was the little in-line fuel filters next to the fuel tap, but we wanted something better than that. Kelvin did a lot of searching and then stumbled across some fuel filters by Guglatech. They were good value and the good thing was, you get it, put it in your tank and away you go. I do not understand the high-tech mumbo jumbo, so I will not go into detail about that, however if you want to know more about this please visit the Guglatech website HERE, alternatively view Guglatech's YouTube clip at the bottom of this page along with Pikipikioverland's review.

Installing a Guglatech fuel filter

From out-set we have had these filters and no fuel issues in 12 months of travelling. You often have to direct the fuel attendant not to shove the nozzle of the fuel pump right down to the bottom of the filter, otherwise it keeps stopping, and sometimes they need to not try to fill it too fast; however the fill rate is better than a number of alternative filters.

The other great thing is that they filter water...always a bonus. So far, we've had to fill up at many questionable fuel stations, and twice at the side of the road out of large fuel containers using a funnel. Having these filters gives us peace of mind, especially when filling up in the middle of nowhere and having no idea about fuel cleanliness. The real test will be Bolivia, the next country on our list, as they have notoriously poor storage of fuel all over the place.

Guglatech fuel filter doing it's job in a remote Ecuadorian village in the rain

As for customer service, Guglatech has been fantastic. We had a problem with one of the filters we purchased where one of the filters separated from the ring which holds the filter in place. I sent a photo to Guglatech who could immediately see the problem. It was very rare, however the bonding had failed and that was plain to see, so they immediately sent us out new ones to Colombia, which was not only a newer, more advanced filter, but they sent an additional one as well. This was premier service.

We have had a few issues with products failing prematurely on our travels, and some companies are not willing to stand by their products or help when you are out of the country of purchase, in our case the UK (these will be discussed in further reviews), so Guglatechs's kind of service is something that is very important when you are off on an adventure away from home.

Further information

For a more in-depth review check out Pikipikioverland's gear & equipment reviews what is hot & what is not, by Michnus.

Guglatech YouTube filter comparison

Blurb from Guglatech website: HDM3D media Acquastop media will prefilter and separate fuel/water at refueling, the new and innovative HDM3D X-GEN 3D MEDIA with its' exceptional filtering efficiency, this design is capable of protecting both fuel filters and fuel pump for many thousands of KM. Thanks to its design and the wide adapter opening, refueling is fast, filter is very effective and long lasting.

Installing a Guglatech HDM3D filter with water separation

Guglatech Posse

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