• Suzie and Kelvin

Review: Motorcycle Fuel Filters by Guglatech

Please note: we are not sponsered by Guglatech. This review is solely to review a product that is very worthwhile and to help other people that may set off on adventures like ours where the fuel quality may be questionable, or even everyday use, as we have also found that fuel in the UK from premier petrol stations can have sediment in the fuel.

Refuelling in a remote Peruvian village

So, where do you start when looking for a decent fuel filter? There's a lot of different options on the market, and one thing we were going to replace was the little in-line fuel filters next to the fuel tap, but we wanted something better than that. Kelvin did a lot of searching and then stumbled across some fuel filters by Guglatech. They were good value and the good thing was, you get it, put it in your tank and away you go. I do not understand the high-tech mumbo jumbo, so I will not go into detail about that, however if you want to know more about this please visit the Guglatech website HERE, alternatively view Guglatech's YouTube clip at the bottom of this page along with Pikipikioverland's review.

Installing a Guglatech fuel filter

From out-set we have had these filters and no fuel issues in 12 months of travelling. You often have to direct the fuel attendant not to shove the nozzle of the fuel pump right do