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The Beginning - Getting the Motorcycle Travel Bug

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Kelvin and I met in 2012 through the website, both openly keen to remain single, having 'not interested' under our 'relationship status'. However, a couple of months later we had hit it off (aided by my best friend Hannah, and some birthday beverages), and the truth that we had both fancied each other from the moment we met in Porlock (North Devon) came out. It had all started over a conversation about a thermal milataryonesie!

Kelvin went to Spain in May 2012 for the first time on his GSX-R750 with a group of lads he had also met through the same website (, and on his return he couldn't wait to go again. Kelvin had always been an 'off-roader' and only got his road licence in 2010. I had never been abroad on a motorcycle, despite riding on the road from the age of 18 (my first licence), probably because it had always seemed a bit daunting. That said, it really didn't take me much persuasion from Kelvin and I booked our return ferry tickets from Plymouth to Santander in Northern Spain for the autumn of 2012.

Road Trip - Suzie on her CBR1000rr

Following our first trip away together, I was hooked, despite the fact that our return ferry was cancelled and instead of catching the ferry from Bilbao back to the UK, we had to ride to Calais! It just added to the adventure, despite the stress of having to tell my new manager that I wouldn't be returning when I said I would.

The following year we went to Ireland on the bikes with our good friends Marcus and Lindsay, which was great and in 2014 we did a trip from Roscoff in France, through Andorra, Spain and Portugal, travelling back to the UK via ferry from Santander (not cancelled this time). In 2016 we travelled to Italy via France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Having not planned to do the same route in reverse and instead travel straight across France, we were forced to retrace our steps due to a huge fuel strike in France...we really do have the best timing when we travel!

We had been talking about a 'big adventure' for a long time. We still don't know why we decided that now was the time exactly, however the itch became so big that we just had to scratch it. And here we are.

Please read our next post to see what has inspired us.

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