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Bikes - What, why and how?

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Rob tinkering with the oil cooler

Our bikes of choice are two 1996 Suzuki DR650 SE's. This decision was primarily made by me and backed by Kelvin, as we decided having the same bike would be advantageous in terms of spares, maintenance and only having to have one manual. We will carry both a paper Clymer manual (in case technology fails) and an electronic copy. Initially, I wanted to take a Honda CRF230F, and Kelvin wanted to take a Honda Africa Twin...both miles apart! In the end, we had to decide on a bike that could carry more than the CRF230, have a bit more power, good reliability, that could be lowered for short-arse me and be good both on and off the tarmac. Many people suggested the BMW GS800, however to me it still felt a bit heavy and I wasn't sure how happy I would be on it. Then I came across the DR650. I had never been on a DR but one came up for sale for under a grand, 3 miles down the road. Sold! I then rode it all the way to Italy and back in May 2016, with one test ride the night before (I don't recommend leaving it this late). It felt great, despite the oil leak causing havoc with my ability to use the back brake! Anyway, I survived and I loved it. The decision was made.

Motorcycle surgery with Rob and Mo

Unfortunately, our preparation of the bikes didn't exactly go smoothly, meaning we had to call on people for several last-minute favours. I have to say, we have been humbled by people's willingness to help us and we can't ever say "THANK YOU" enough.