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Bikes - Upgrades and preparation

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

We wanted to do a lot more to the bikes prior to our departure, such as navigation towers and powder coated frames etc; however time and bad luck got in the way. Sheared bolts, collapsed bearings and a spot of welding all hindered progress, oh plus a spot of planning! Normally we are happy to plod away sorting things, however with the ticking clock against us we have been feeling the pressure!

From the euphoria of receiving multiple deliveries of parcels, to the heart ache of several sheared bolts and leaking oil, it's been a journey; however it will hopefully be worth it when the number of roadside repairs are limited (we can always hope!).

Below is a brief snapshot of the bike prep plus a list of what we have repaired or swapped out; further pictures are available under the Bike photo section, alternatively if you want to know more please just ask via the contact us page, alternatively just ping us an email on

Sorry the list is not in any particular order!

2 x AE Motosports Dashboard (arriving at the hotel)

2 x Fork services inc uprated springs according to weight (heavy in Kelvin's case)

2 x Fork Seal Skins cheapo ones from eBay

Nice new Wilber shocks with hydraulic adjuster

2 x Guglatech Adventure filters

2 x Inline fuel filters and new hoses

2 x Battery Lithium Ion Skyrich - lightweight - high torque

2 x PDM60 power distribution module (still to fit as time beat me, will do this when we get there, as the bikes are on route as I type this) - Rowe Electronics

2 x Gammatronix Battery voltage Charge monitor level indicator (still to be fitted) 1 x HEL Front Hydraulic Hose (Suzie's DR already had one fitted)

2 x Rebuild Kit Brake Mastercylinder - Front 2 x Pads Front (fitted GG rated pads rather than the HH as we won't be tearing it around)

2 x Pads Rear (fitted GG rated pads rather than the HH as we won't be tearing it around) 2 x Clutch Cover Gaskets 2 x Cam Chain Tensioner Gasket 2 x Alternator Gasket 2 x Valve - Rocker Cover Gasket/Seal

1 x Renthal handle bars (off Kelvin's DR but fitted to Suzie's DR)

2 x Husky mirrors (pairs) painted in yellow florescent paint

1 x Pro taper bars (Kelvin's DR)

1 x Gear shifter (Suzie's bike) 2 x Speedo Seals

2 x Countershaft Seal Retainer (although Suzie's bike already had one fitted)

High output alternator install

2 x Reusable oil filter stainless steel Warp9 (as a backup in case we can't get new filters on route)

2 x Valve Adjustment feeler gauges

1 x Clymer Service Manual plus soft copy of original manual

2 x Lower chain roller (Suzie's top roller had been snapped off, see pictures and video)

1 x LED License Plate Light already fitted to Kelvin's bike, was going to make one for Suzie's but again ran out of time

2 x spare flexi plates

1 x USD RMZ450 forks (Kelvin's DR; however decided to swap out on our return)

1 x 48mm DB Killer (replacement as Suzie lost her's on route back from HUBB UK 2016)

2 x Akrapovic Exhaust Spring (for Kelvin's GSXR end can modification)

1 x Roll of heavy duty VELCRO to fit wind shields modification

4 x Motorcycle DID 525 VX-FJ Split Link as backup

1 x Length of old chain (in case chain snaps)

1 x Clutch Perch (Suzie's bike had a random cheapo aftermarket one fitted)

1 x MSR AOF Clutch Perch With Lever (spare) original Suzuki perch only has one bolt hole so the grip has to be removed to take it off

2 x Twin Air Filter (Spares as bikes already fitted with good filters)

2 x Stahlbus Oil Drain Valve (for easy mess free oil changes, make sure your bash plate clears the valve thou or you could have a nasty mess)

2 x SAMSUNG 380 1157 BAY15d Bayonet Bulbs Red LED Rear Tail Stop Brake (trying to claw back as much elec as poss)

2 x NIGHTEYE 8000LM H4 HB2 9003 LED Headlight Kit Bulbs Lamp High Low Beam White less power drain and increased light output (modified to fit our KTM headlights)

1 x KTM SX 125 250 SXF 250 350 450 07-12 Front mudguard (Kelvin's bike, Suzie stole the one-off Kelvin's Husky!!)

1 x Big bag of T5 LED bulbs assorted colours for the DR dash and speedo (couldn't get them to fit in the speedo, will try again later)

4 x Indicator Turn Signals Shock Bracket pairs (used to clear the Acerbis 26l tank (may also use set for Bikevis lights)

1 x Seat Concept seat for Suzie's bike, should have brought one for Kelvin's bike to save time!

2 x KTM 950/990 seat (modified to fit Kelvin's DR, came out ok. May modify the better one of the two on our return)

KTM seat mod to fit DR650

4 x Modified Water bottle handlebar mount (not used yet, may fit if needed while on the road)

2 x Rear inner tubes (didn't turn up in time!)

2 x Sprocket Front Less 1 Tooth (didn't turn up in time!)

1 x DR650 Handle bar switch assembly right (didn't work, so had to repair original one)

2 x LED indicator pairs not sure if the link is the exact ones we brought (Suzie's DR)

2 x Tuff Lites LED indicator pairs (Kelvin's DR)

2 x DR650 SS allen key bolt sets plus spares

1 x Dominator exhaust can (MX type) (Suzie's bike only as Kelvin's already had the GSXR conversion)

1 x FMF headerpipe (Suzie's DR as Kelvin's DR was already fitted with SS pipe)

1 x WRP Mountain Tuff Cargo Rack (Suzie's DR as Kelvin's DR already had a rack fitted)

1 x Exhaust heat shield Giantloop

In addition to the above was a whole host of electrical repairs (I used to hate doing wiring; however I am starting to soften to it; maybe a major rewire on our return). No doubt I have also forgotten or just taken for granted a bunch of other repairs or replacements in the process.

Kelvin's DR650 really loaded up.

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