• Suzie

Freighting - Transporting the bikes to South America

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

We had decided a long while ago to use Motofreight to ship our bikes after getting a couple of quotes. They were all quite similar in price, however the reason why I chose Motofreight was based on their quick, friendly responses, and the individualised answers (not just a copy and paste / preset e-mail) to all of my questions, and there were many I can assure you! I had the pleasure of dealing with Kathy Wood throughout the whole process, who offered an exceptional service.

Putting the bikes on the van.

Obviously, freighting bikes is not cheap, however quite straight forwards when you use a motorcycle freighting company, and the quickest most reliable way to get them anywhere is by air. We had the whole 'sea or air freight?' debate, but when we really looked into it, the costs didn't add up all that differently, with a lot of hidden costs in the sea freighting option and plenty of horror stories. Also, with air freight your motorbike is a big chunk of cargo, however with seafreight it's a drop in the ocean (hopefully not literally). Delays with air freight, or so we've heard, are usually no more than a day or two, with sea freight it can be weeks...not so bad for a return journey but a bit of a bummer if you're sitting around waiting for your bike without much money to do the 'tourist' thing, or if you've only got 2-3 months to travel.

Me and Libardo....very happy to have the bikes!