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Licences - International Driving Permits (IDP's)

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Another tick off the perpetual preparation list! We now have our International Driving Permits (IDP's). As our departure date draws closer, the excitement and stress are mounting, so at least that's another job done.

The IDP is a document that is recommended (required in some countries) if you intend on driving/riding abroad outside of the EU. It can be purchased at a listed Post Office branch or online via the AA, no earlier than three months before travel. They can issue it to be valid from your date of travel (rather than date of issue) and they are valid for one year.

We chose to go to the Post Office so we could sort it all out quickly and just get it done. Luckily, it was a very quick affair, with four short forms to complete. Normally it would be one application for each person, however we require both the 1949 Convention IDP and the 1926 Convention IDP, because if we want to ride in Brazil it's one of the very few countries that require the 1926 IDP. We needed two passport photos each (1 per application), our passports, driving licences and £5.50 per permit, so not too expensive. Apparently, they don't always get asked for, however it's one less thing to be used against us for a bribe...we hope.

I think the whole thing took about 20 minutes and we were done. Quite painless. Just remember, if you do have an IDP, it is NOT VALID without your original UK driving licence, so don't leave it behind.

Do you need an IDP where you are going to be travelling? Not sure? Click Here for a list of Countries.

10 weeks until take off and still far too much to do!

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