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Updated: Feb 23, 2020

There are loads of books, magazines, e-magazines and DVD's out there about adventure motorcycling these days, and everyone has their preferences, especially when it comes to style of writing, layout, how many pictures there are (always a must for us) as well as other key components. I've read a lot, watched a lot and I've also had to put a book or two down because I couldn't get on with the writing style, or got bored watching a DVD and turned it off. The thing is, it depends on what mood you're in, whether the DVD you are watching is a re-hash of footage from other previous DVD's, and how many times someone uses the same phrase. Some may read my writing in these blogs and not like it, some may really enjoy it, the fact is we are all different.

Here are some of our favourite books, DVD's and magazines we have had over the past year or two, and may be worth checking out if you've not come across them yet. They are a great source of information, inspiration, laughs and entertainment.


The Adventure Motorcycling Handbook (6th and 7th Editions) - Chris Scott

Lois on the Loose - Lois Pryce

Jupiter's Travels - Ted Simon

Adventure Motorcycling - Robert Wicks


Road Heroes - Motorcycle Adventure Travel Tales

Achievable Dream - The Motorcycle Adventure Travel Guide 5 DVD Boxset (Available from Horizons Unlimited):

Magazines / e-Magazines

Enduro Extreme - kindly donated by Catherine and her husband Dave who have a subscription. Thank you.

Dirt Bike Rider Magazine - again, thanks to Catherine and Dave.

Last but not least, it is most definitely worth checking out Adventure Rider Radio if you have not done so already. There are some excellent interviews on there. The latest one we listened to was with Ken and Carol Duval, which was really good and we were fortunate enough to meet them at HUBB UK 2016.

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