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Tools - What's in our tool kit

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

This is most definitely Kelvin's area, although I have used several of the tools assisting him with bike maintenance and upgrades.

We always carry some standard tools which fit both bikes including sockets, mole grips, standard tyre lever etc. One thing that we have found however, is that normally our tool kit weighs a tonne, therefore we did some research and looked for lighter, robust alternatives, which we have used as much as possible since we bought them. That way, we hope when we have to use them on the road (and I am under no illusion that we won't have to), it will be all the more swift and easy, or at least in theory! Watch this space! I really hope we don't have to put it all to the test too quickly though.

On top of the everyday tools that we will be taking we will also be taking the following (one guess where we bought most of them!):

Baja No Pinch tool - This has been a great piece of kit so far, and makes changing a tyre all the more easier (or at least somewhat less difficult).

Baja No Pinch tool

Motion Pro - BeadPro Tyre Bead Breaker & Lever

Motion Pro Bead Breaker and Tyre Lever

Motion Pro - PBR Chain Tool

Motion Pro PBR Chain tool

Motion Pro - T6 Bead Buddy 2

Motion Pro Bead Buddy

Motion Pro - 16mm Spark Plug Socket

Motion Pron Spark Plug

Motion Pro - T6 Combo Tyre Lever (Aluminium)

Zen Overland Hex Adapter

Zen Overland - Hex Adapters (Motion Pro T6 Combo Levers)

Motion Pro - T6 Combo Lever Adapter 24mm to 3/8" Drive

Motion Pro - T6 Combo Lever Adapter 24mm to 3/8" Drive

Rocky Creek - MotoPressor 12v Tyre Pump/Compressor

Rocky Creek Motopressor

Enduristan - Tool Pack

Motion Pro - TiProlight Titanium 4 Pc Spanner Set - 8,10,12 & 13mm - it is amazing how light these are, and they haven't snapped yet!

Topeak Mountain Morph hand pump

Topeak Mountain Morph hand pump

Motion Pro - Trail Tool Metric

Topeak Mountain Morph hand pump

Kriega Tool Roll - we just really like the quality of Kriega kit, so it seemed a good choice.

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