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Kit - Our full packing list

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

This is quite an extensive, but unfortunately not an exhaustive list, and as yet I have no idea how we'll fit it all in, however we will somehow, hopefully without having to add a bike trailer into the equation! Hopefully it won't look like this:


Most people reckon that they shed kit as they go (or rather, find a good home for it) realising that many of the oh-so 'essential' items become almost obsolete, so I'm sure I will be writing about all of the excess rubbish we took in a few blogs time! We are definitely being a little over cautious as it's our first trip, and hopefully if we get to do more of this adventure biking malarkey (YES PLEASE!), the over-preparedness will drop to a more proportionate level.

The only thing that really isn't going right at the moment is the bikes...but that's another story (guess what the next blog is about!?!?).

Bike kit

Waterproof over suit - Alpinestars/Rev'it (1 each)

Off road armour top- Alpinestars (still up for debate)

Keis body warmer (1 each) - full jacket uses too much juice.

Gloves - Klim/Richa (2 pairs each)

Adventure Motorcycle helmets - Caberg/IXS

Textile suits - Klim Badlands/Rukka Armiina (1 each)

Forma Adventure touring boots - Suzie - last minute decision to switch from my Daytona's (for safety).

Falco Adventure touring boots - Kelvin - he has loved the short versions for a long time.

Merino under trousers - IsoBaa/Supernatural (2 each)

Merino long sleeve top - IsoBaa/Supernatural (2 each)

Oxford handlebar muffs (1 pair each)

Neck windstopper (1 each)

Merino Buff (1 each)


SW-Mototech Dakar Soft Panniers (1 set each)

ARD Cases Top box (Suzie)

LOMO Holdall (Suzie)

AquaPac Duffle Bag (Kelvin)

SW-Mototech Tail Bag (Kelvin)

ATV Logic tank side bags

Moose Racing mud guard bag

Endustrian bottle holder (1 each)

Endustrian tank bag (Kelvin)

Bike maintenance

Motion Pro:

  • Titanium 4pc spanner set

  • Trail tool metric

  • T6 Combo tyre lever

  • 16mm spark plug socket

  • PBR chain tool

  • T6 bead buddy 2

  • BeadPro tyre bead breaker and lever

Zen Overland - hex adapters for T6 combo tyre lever

Baja No Pinch tool

Mole grips

Spare inner tubes

Small compressor

Mini bike pump

Spare consumables - clutch cables etc

Tube repair kit

Gorilla tape

Zip ties (lots)

Oil - purchase in SA

Tool kit - see 'Tool Kit' blog for details and links to Motion Pro tools and Baja No Pinch Tool.


Hat (1 each)

Gloves (1 pair each)

Sarong - Craghoppers Nosilife - Suzie

Waterproof jacket - Suzie

Waterproof trousers - Suzie

Walking boots (1 pair each)

Sandals (1 pair each)

Ex-officio knickers (4-5 pairs)

Under Armour pants (4-5 pairs)

Merino socks (4-5 pairs each)

2 bras - Suzie (surprisingly enough)

Zip off trousers - North Face (2 pairs each)

Merino t-shirt - IsoBaa/Supernatural (2 each)

Micro fleece - Berghaus (1 each)

1 vest top - Suzie

Long sleeve hooded Craghoppers Nosi life jacket - Suzie

Insulated travel jacket - Travel Proof/Marmot (1 each)

Bikini / swim shorts


Toiletry bag - LifeVenture/Eagle Creek

She wee - Suzie

Mascara - Suzie




Shower gel

Travel hairbrush/comb



Nail clippers

Travel mirror


Micro towel - LifeVenture

Sanitary items - Suzie

First Aid / Health

Sunscreen spf 50

Head mosquito net - Life Systems (1 each and very attractive!)


First Aid Kit:

  • Syringes

  • Needles (various)

  • Antibiotics - various (with prescription)

  • Epi-pen (with prescription)

  • Rehydration kit

  • Burns kit

  • Saline

  • Worming prophylaxis / medication

  • Sam Splint

  • Celox clotting granules

  • Trauma tourniquet

  • Steri-strips

  • Thermometer

  • Plasters

  • Tweezers

  • Tic remover

  • Scissors

  • Sterile gloves

  • Compeed

  • Zovirax

  • Anti-fungal cream

  • Various bandages

  • Antiseptic cream

  • Micropore tape

  • Triangular bandages

  • Scalpel

  • Zinc oxide

  • Paracetamol


Tent, pegs, poles - Vango Omega 350

Tarp - Eurohike

Rab sleeping bags (1 each)

Thermarest sleeping mat (Suzie)

Exped Synmat 7 sleeping mat (Kelvin)

Exped chair conversion kits for sleep mats (1 each)

Heliox chair - cheap copy (Kelvin)

Travel pillows - OEX (1 each)

Hand made pillow cases thanks to P's mum

Rab Silk liners - (1 each)

Mosquito nets - Pyramid (1 each)

Head torches - Petzl/Silva (1 each)

Torch (1 each)


Wind shield for stove

1 litre Fuel bottle - Optimus (To fill in SA)

MSR Guardian water purifier

Grayl water filter bottles (1 each)

Grayl spare filters (1 each)

MSR Dromedary water bag 10 litres (1 each)

Nalgene Water bottle (standard 1 litre)



Pots - MSR





Rice/pasta/super noodles (up for debate)





Delorme (now Garmin) inReach Explorer + 12 month subscription


Garmin Sat Nav

Garmin GPS


Purse / Wallet

Playing cards (kept since my year in Oz 10 years ago!)

Clothes line

Knives (Gerber) - hidden - not carrying as a weapon as most likely would be used against us

Maps - Reise


IDP's and copies

Passport photos (Multiple)

Passports and copies

V5's and copies

Documents and copies

Yellow fever certificates

Copy of vaccination record

Folder for border documents (1 each)

As we use our stuff, we will write some reviews on the different bits of kit and how good (or not) it was. I am hoping that the majority of it falls into the 'good' category after all the research we did, but we will see.

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