• Suzie

Kit - Our full packing list

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

This is quite an extensive, but unfortunately not an exhaustive list, and as yet I have no idea how we'll fit it all in, however we will somehow, hopefully without having to add a bike trailer into the equation! Hopefully it won't look like this:


Most people reckon that they shed kit as they go (or rather, find a good home for it) realising that many of the oh-so 'essential' items become almost obsolete, so I'm sure I will be writing about all of the excess rubbish we took in a few blogs time! We are definitely being a little over cautious as it's our first trip, and hopefully if we get to do more of this adventure biking malarkey (YES PLEASE!), the over-preparedness will drop to a more proportionate level.

The only thing that really isn't going right at the moment is the bikes...but that's another story (guess what the next blog is about!?!?).

Bike kit